The Coalition’s founding members are calling on health care and public health organizations across the country to join us – help make progress at the intersection of health care and public health, and improve resilience against future public health threats.

The Common Health Coalition acknowledges that public health colleagues have long been at the forefront of much of the work described here. We aim to bring forward the skills and assets of health care organizations to further bolster these efforts. The purpose of the commitments and actions described below is to model the spirit of partnership needed at the intersection of health care and public health. For too long, these fields have operated in parallel. Therefore, our strongest commitment is to change that — to work hand-in-hand across sectors and organizations, toward the common goal of health.

To request to join the Coalition, review the list of actions below and complete the join us form, noting which actions your organization is committing to.

Establish and codify collaboration

Create and support formal mechanisms for strategic collaboration and communication between health care and public health agencies, building on existing efforts whenever possible​.

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More easily get staff where and when they are needed

Establish and enhance systems for rapidly deploying licensed and trained health care staff during times of need.

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Share data in real time to advance equitable outcomes

Invest in data infrastructure to facilitate real-time data sharing and analysis with public health, particularly to improve health equity.

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Expand electronic disease reporting

Implement electronic data exchange mechanisms – such as electronic case reporting (eCR) – to improve completeness and consistency of reported health data.

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Standardize readiness across the health care system

Actively participate in efforts to implement peer-reviewed national standards for health care emergency management programs.

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Advance existing federal efforts 

Support the implementation of key federal actions focused on improving coordination between public health and health care.

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